Since I began buying parts for my 70 iv always wanted have it running on carburetor (MECHA-TUNE)

This ended route was re-routed when a set of AE101 ITB and adapter for smallport head came up at a nice price and i snapped it. That purchase lead to an APEX’i POWER FC. It was looking good! 

Then I began to listen to my heart again and realised that nothing was going to full-fill my needs other than a grumbling set of KEIHIN FCR 41’s hanging off the side of rough idle 4AG!! 

The Intro, the boss, the engine.. the music!

I began looking for FCR 41 4AG set ups in my area and on the web but unless i was willing to buy new@ apriceicantafford, it wasnt going to happen. So i sat tight and decided i would continue with my EFI set up til the end unless faith had another idea. Laste week Kevin from Cork who had been keen on buying my Power FC and ITB set up posted a link to me of a for sale add for a full on 16V gas flowed 4AG with FCR’s TODA cam and gear! I organised a test drive and picked it up the following week after selling my EFI set up. I am one happy guy right now! My 70 will that bit closer to being my full on dream machine i always wanted it to be! I have my eye on 1 or 2 other parts that will realy push the border on perfection for me at a personal level.

Im looking forward to dressing this up with ULTRA leads, aluminium crank, pump and alternator pulleys. The belt to be changed with pumps and bearings. The cam spec is TODA 304 , 288 duration. 8.5 lift. Iv got some HKS 272 , 264 duration. 8.5 , 8.35 lift left over from when i was collecting parts. If i want to tone it down at all I can use these.




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  1. Amazing, man! Very excited for this =)

    September 17, 2012 at 4:33 am

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