I play this game alot!

Physics engine is done very well in this game, much better than 3.

Tyres are very grip so drifting is much more fun, you can feel the car braking traction vigorously!

Iv made a couple of my favourite cars so far but only a couple..

You know Canopus AE70?

Unforyunatly, no E7 chasis is available FORZA so i used DATSUN 510!

I painted on everything to make it seem like E7!

I painted a front bumper on with end caps too, rear bumper i removed.

Self confessed AE86 obsession aside, i do have a silly amount of time for classic drifting and all the FR,FF,MR cars that have there place in it. So here are some shots of some Yoshinori Koguchi 180SX i built in the game also..

Iv made 4 of the KOGUCHI 180SX. I need to make a couple more too.

Takahashi’s 2001-2002 TRD DIRECT SHOP  TAMA AE86

So i guess you have the time, make your favourite drift cars and drift them in this game because the physics are excellent and you really feel like drifting! They have done somthin with lock on majority of cars too so angle  beyond the thunderdome is successfully achievable when you throw the car about enough.

more to come on battles and team drifting…



2 responses

  1. Teemu

    Some nice replicas there. 4age sounds are so sexy in this game!! My GT is pokalemestari if you are interested to have another guy for tamden drifting.

    October 23, 2011 at 2:40 pm

  2. I cannot express how amazing this game is. I was totally blown away with F3 and couldnt imagine how would they improve it even more but when I first started it and took the stock 86 for a spin I couldnt believe how real it felt.

    Great job with the replicas!

    November 14, 2011 at 2:22 pm

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