Gaining lock KE70

Today i began to piece togeather a sub-frame for the ke70

I used an AE86 power-steering sub frame (Larger brackets to house large PS rack)

KE70 manual rack

Amazingly, i bought the BV kit about a year ago, and i got the 86 SF about 2 years ago. When i opened the box (id bought off a local enthusiast) the 5mm spacer was a rounded off hex nut ??? So i wasn’t looking forward to using it! I went about ¬†disassembling the inner rods from the rack i found the pinion side had a BV 5mm shim on there! CRAZY! so it worked out well.

Battle -Version extra lock kit

T3 solid rack bushing for manual rack with PS sub frame

For bracket to align with original PS rack holes, some notching has to be done. Here on SF..

Also more notching to be done on the pinoion side bracket…

Prothane bushing kit (only needed pinion side bush)

Bracket bolts straight on,no issue here now.


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