Origins Pt2

Its been a long time since i originally posted of how our track 86 came about  here

….So after several visits to Nutts corner and attending an early Driftireland trackday at Goldstone we decided it was time to take the car a little further on. With money as always being an issue we tried to lighten the car as much as possible

*Last shots of the car in Panda scheme at Goldstone

and at Nuts with new fiberglass bootlid and j-blood bumper

After this event the car was pulled apart we replaced all windows with plastic ones we made ourselves from sheets of polycarbonate (this made a major improvement particularly to the bootlid as the oem glass is big weight), removed all unnecessary brackets interior cut all the bracing out from the doors etc from inside swapped the bride recliner for a fixed one and while we were at it decided to paint the car the colour it is now along with some minor bodywork changes such as the babyturbo mirrors and the cut wings for clearance(which still havent been put back together properly!)

Here it is ready for its first trackday since the work was done wearing the the xr4;s up front and mk2’s on the rear

note the silver over black filler cap left on as a memento of the old style 😛

Out in Mondello

Thats the how the car is pretty much up until we started the blog not a huge project but a fun one were currently working on sorting it out with new tires and lots of stickers followed by more driving!!


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