Drift Practice Mondello 10/7/11

We havent managed to hit many trackdays this year mostly because weve been building up our cars for road use (was the first time we had both cars on the road) This day came up as a good event as the 1st  half of the day was  grip and the second half drift so our grip friends were out in there civics too.

The day went well for me it was the first time i had my trueno out on a proper size track and it felt really good to drive + i had no problems all day apart from my lack of front shocks but im very happy with it it pulls really well in 3rd for a standard 16v i felt a little held back with my driving having to drive it home afterwards though!. Killians car was on its last outing before an engine rebuild and was running perfect it was interesting to see the difference of 20v/16v on track..unfortunatly killian ran out of tires midday as he only had 2 to last the day…

Unfortunatly the trueno pictured above on hayashis died on the day it belongs to our friend john who also owns the red levin in a previous post The result wasnt a pretty sight but it had to happen at some stage as John drives very hard all the time!

Heres an incar vid from the day im pretty sure Killian has one of himself that he’ll upload soon. If any’s wondering why i keep twisting the gearknob its cos it was constantly coming loose 😛



One response

  1. Dude

    i was expecting more aggressive corolla driving pretty bland from the old style your trying to make result of

    July 19, 2011 at 7:45 am

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