The track 86 has been posted continuously lately so i feel it is time to give a few posts to show where team tekno started and how the car has made its way to its current form 🙂

As everything usually is with us the car started as an impulse buy!! cue months of being pennyless   (14×9 -28 mesh having a great effect on this decision 😛 !!)

This is how the car was looked in the sale pictures….

So the trip was taken upon to birmingham to collect the it as expected the car was perfect although the cut springs in the pictures above had been replaced with coilovers and tokico shocks and springs in the rear…it also gained a trd wing which now sits on killians 5v:)..when we collected the car it now sat like this 😦

Skipping forward a few months after lots of time and effort the car was becoming more track orientated…roll cage, severe stripping of interior additions of fire extinguisher and of course the obligatory adjustment of ride height and Team Tekno decal produced this….

Heres a quick shot of killian doing the good thing in the early days of nutts corner 🙂 For me the car will always have been at its best in the panda…

This car is overflow with character has never done anything but provide pure fun and loyalty like the dog it is 😛 We will continue to post its update further down the line…



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