Gar-4-age 86 16v road servant “”)

Heres a little intro on my road car that i recently picked up (will be throwin up a post for the track car soon)

Shigeno specification+  upon arrival

16v 4age

2way lsd, apex model(sunroof p/s etc) trd shock all round etc, all the essential for making positive waves



This was not suffice however due to the car being car like and not a toy so it was attacked

low down +ssrmk1 & ssrmk2 was really feeling the standard aero

Its really fun to drive and produces amazing noises thanks to a straight thru pipe however the powersteering must go because the steering does not feel natural to me… I have big plans for this  including a respray and some aero ill continue this post on the cars progress more updates coming soon

ill finish with this picture sporting ssr mesh on the front

This image gives the good feeling towards ae86 ownership “)


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  1. Dude

    why are you biting off peoples screen names ?

    July 19, 2011 at 7:43 am

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