TeknoTwinky A

Its the 1st installment of  TeamTekno and its in 2006!

I had saved all money i got hands on from previous 2years to bid on AE86 from the auctions in Japan.

I ended up with 5v AE111 conversion 86.It was produced by company “Projector M” being central to grip and gutted inside.

The image seems usual though not the case…


Boring skip..

The XR-4 Longchamp!! (*o*)

8.5j-? offset.(it is -) ,8j+/-?offset. X14

Also after the new paint!!! (*O*)

I think its ok and am pleased but want much more at this point! > circa-07′

The combination of early spoiler with late bumper + cable tied!!

This is the TeknoTwinky 86 at circa-07’end

To be continued in future post.. ( ‘ *,)


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